This Vermont farmhouse had several additions over the years, but never had a second floor bathroom. The only bathroom opened directly onto the open dinning room kitchen area and the laundry,  located in an unfinished low head height basement, could only be reached by narrow steep stairs from the unheated wood shed addition.  The design challenge was to add a bathroom on each floor, a laundry and mud room downstairs and an upstairs closet, without overwhelming the original structure.  As the front door led directly into the living room the client also wanted to add a side entrance that would draw people into the mudroom airlock sequence and make it easy to bring in cords of wood for the winter.   Several ideas were discussed and many quick computer models were generated to get the general massing. Then photoshop overlays helped the clients visualize project before construction began.

The Process:

1. Photo of existing farmhouse.

2. Computer model showing addition.

3. Existing photo with computer generated image overlay.

4. Cleaning up and detailing in photoshop.

5.  Finished project.